My Work

Are you struggling? Does life feel harder than it used to?

Are you ready for something better?​

I am a depth-oriented psychologist who can help you tap into your unconscious, that great source of information and energy, in order help you achieve your goals. I draw upon Jungian, psychodynamic, transpersonal, and somatic psychologies in order to help you accomplish this.

The feedback that I get from clients often includes such things as how they experience me as non-judgmental and compassionate; that they feel understood and heard by me; and that I am insightful, helpful, and hopeful. I will interact with you as a whole person, not just a diagnosis or a collection of symptoms to be treated. I want to help you focus on the parts of you that are unproductive or unhealthy, but I also want to remind you of all that you already are that is healthy and productive.

My goal as a psychologist is to help you see yourself as you really are and that you have the understanding, resources, and skills to live your life as your most whole, most alive, most true, most successful self.

Issues that I work with:



Grief and Loss


Dream Work

Loss of Meaning

Men's Issues

Interpersonal Issues

Personal Growth

Perinatal Psychology

Steven J.Curley, PhD